The Salafi Feminist Manifesto

Salafi: A Salafi (Arabic: سلفي‎) is a Muslim who emphasises the Salaf ("predecessors" or "ancestors"), the earliest Muslims, as model examples of Islamic practice.

Salafi (Media Definition): Muslim men who wear short thawbs and have big beards, Muslim women who wear hijab/ abayah/ niqaab; Muslims who despise the West, have dreams of world domination and The Khilaafah (TM), and are determined to practice Islam openly. *Shudder*

Salafi (North America): A bunch of guys with short thawbs, long beards, and way too much time on their hands, which they spend writing PDFs declaring everyone else to be Off The Manhaj (TM).

Feminist: An advocate for social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men. (

Feminist (Popular Opinion): Hairy, man-hating women determined to prove themselves superior to men and take over all male jobs.

Feminist (Muslim Popular Opinion): Hairy, man-hating women who are going to destroy the natural order of this world by claiming to be equal to men.

Muslim Feminist/ Feminism: A form of feminism concerned with the role of women in Islam. It aims for the full equality of all Muslims, regardless of gender, in public and private life. (Wikipedia)

Muslim Feminist (Muslim Popular Opinion): Man-hating, self-hating women who try to use Islam as an excuse to destroy the Muslim Ummah from within; those who attempt to destroy the natural order of this world by claiming to be equal to men, or at least slightly more equal than many Muslims prefer to believe.

Alternatively, Muslim women who have been brainwashed by the West into thinking that the role of a wife and mother isn't enough for her, and is now just a pitiable tool of the Decadent West (TM) who must be warned against, because there is absolutely no hope for her, especially when she starts trying to quote ayaat and ahadeeth to justify her clearly warped and corrupted views.

The Salafi Feminist: Someone who just likes to see everyone get their knickers in a knot when they see the words 'Salafi' and 'feminist' put together, and love to say things like, "in salafi-feminism you have combined two of the most disastrous movements in modern history!" (True story.)

Okay, so maybe I'm deliberately being a tease. It's hard to resist, though, seeing as how everyone wants to shove me and my views into an annoyingly narrow box, because unless you fit into a pre-constructed box, you don't count!


I am a niqaabi who hates those "Da'wah pictures" which say women are either pretty covered-up lollipops or trashed unwrapped candies being bombarded with flies.

I am a happy wife and mother, and I loathe those people who try to tell me that I should only be happy in my role as a wife and mother.

I believe in pursuing knowledge, Islamic and otherwise (and in fields other than gynecology or teaching kindergarten), and would really like to flip the bird at those twits still debating "women's education in Islam."

I frown upon mingling between the sexes and pre-marital relationships, but I will never belittle another woman's value and worth as a human being based upon her sexual history or rumours about her reputation.

I rage against the injustices of Western governments, but I refuse to turn a blind eye to the tragedies that Muslims inflict upon each other. Drone strikes, illegal wars, and the occupation of Palestine are right up there with domestic violence, sexual abuse, and racism within Muslim communities.

I believe that men and women both have control over their actions and desires, and that a woman looking at a male speaker is not going to send her into a frenzy of lust, or that any man is incapable of keeping it in his pants when he sees a woman whose body is not covered from head to toe in black. 

I respect the scholars of Islam and will defend them to anyone who tries badmouthing them, but that doesn't mean I'll stay silent when some of their words are harmful to the Muslim women of this Ummah. 

I believe that homosexuality is a great and terrible sin, but I also believe that shirk is worse. No one should allow their sins to stop them from reaching out to Allah, the Merciful, the Forgiving, the One True God.

I uphold that modesty and chastity is for both men and women; that women should wear hijab, men should lower their gaze, and that both parties assist each other in making their societies purer in every way. 

I believe that "The believing men and believing women are allies of one another. They enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong, and establish prayer and give zakah and obey Allah and His Messenger. Those - Allah will have mercy upon them. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise."
(Qur'an 9: 71)

(So in the end, I may not be a Salafi after all. Or even a feminist. But sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't tell anyone!)


Amina said...

good for you! there is group on FB "muslim feminists" join if you want to ))))

Anonymous said...

Feminism is a disease, a psychological ailment.

Anonymous said...

i want to thank you for being such a cool person. JazakumAllah khair.
I also want to ask you if you could write about a specific topic that i saw you comment on elsewhere. is there another section where i can send you a private message (regarding this topic)? i am not asking for your email address, don't worry; just want to send a private suggestion and also ask for advice. I am a muslimah sister.

Anonymous said...

that was awesome!!İ like using seemingly contradicting terms also... İ like Salafi Perenialist
most issues can be basically boiled down to how u define words and terms...i dont know y ppl dont do that more...keep up the critcal thinking

Hyde said...

Interesting... feminism, niqabi and a Wahabia ?

Anonymous said...

Ooooh OMG. Btw I'm a Sufi (might be or not be nemesis of Salafis lol tho' I'll always consider salafis my brothers and sisters in Islam --> hugss) and your blog name is uber-cool!!! xD Just made my day thank you!

Tho' I'm confused with the Goth / Steam-Punk stuff woww u listen to electro-darkwave music then?? a muslim goth is one heck of rare species now lol :p kidding.


Anonymous said...


its nice to meet a fellow muslimah who is a comedian....... Alhamdullilah your blog is insightful and interesting... keep going with the jokes as I have been putting off starting my workout with the kettlebells... x Fatima x

Anonymous said...

Hello, could I please get in touch with you for a TV-series I'm working on?

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

"Tho' I'm confused with the Goth / Steam-Punk stuff woww u listen to electro-darkwave music then?? a muslim goth is one heck of rare species now lol :p kidding. "

I doubt that electro-darkwave music would be popular with Zainab's father, if he is who I think it is
: P

AnonyMouse said...

I don't listen to music.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum, totally loved the intro! im a niqabi and a doctoral candidate in Immunology and Virology, so have heard all remarks about women's education and have been labeled as a feminist just because I am pursuing education so Im very delighted to come across your blog. There are times I feel like I can scream all I want but people with pre-conceived ideas about muslim women gaining education will never actually listen.

Clemente Rodriguez said...

Hi I just read your profile on fb; it is great to see a person which chooses her own style and searches for her identity freely without labels, or rather combining them in a unique and personal way. Would you mind if I ask you a few questions, I wrote you on fb too. Bye!

Abu Milk Sheikh said...

Assalamu alaikum sister. Your contributions are missed on IA, may Allah have mercy on you and your family.

katibah_k said...

Salam sister. I too may or may not be a salafi feminist... and am some kind of nomadic scribe. Funny is good! Nice to 'meet' you. Wasalaam wa rahmatullaah, k

ummcarter said...

mashallah, lol If I ever end up in Canada I'll have to see if I'm in your area inshallah. I dig it, your blog. I am a closeted (some what) salafi feminist lol.

Anonymous said...

Sister you are deviating from the parameters of Islam.

You cannot easily define yourself without latching onto a school of thought other than Islam.

When you attempt to build a comprehensive character profile, you base it upon a vortex of clear Islamic proofs, conjecture and aspersions.

So let me help you in your confusion. Like many who have come before you, you seek to leave an impression upon the people through creating a distinct brand.

Let me break it down further..

You could not be such a vehement feminist if the moral apparatus for equality you seek was to be found in Islam.

You are therefore a woman more determined to be famous and admired by the people, than to uphold the orthodox methodology of Islam. In this case, through the juxtaposition of Islam and feminism/pop-culture.

No Muslim scholar has ever prohibited working with the opposite gender, however secluded free-mixing is prohibited. I digress.

I have no doubt the the female scholars of Islam past and present would have distanced themselves from you. For everything you seek from feminism, they found in Islam.

At the very least you risk encouraging disobedience to the gender defined roles within Islam (and no, women staying at home is not one of them) and at the very worst you open the doors for baseless religious rhetoric and innovated methodology (I found It hypocritical you stressed the pursuit of knowledge by bint sireen, and elsewhere mentioned your authority to refute scholars in defence of ...gender?).

But of course all this doesn't matter to you if you get a few thousand followers!

Still a few billion less than polytheism, but I'm sure your going to be impactual nonetheless.

Abu Isaaq said...

The religion of Allah is complete and distinct from its followers. Why do these Muslim secularists, modernists and feminists all propose that Islam needs further scaffolding on account of blameworthy Muslims?

jossan said...

You really do not seem to have been following her texts and you assume to know her niyah. Who are you to say that you have looked into her heart and seen what her intentions are?
If you actually read what she says you'll see that she only shows what islam says but from a woman's point of view. She shows what islam says about women abound women's rights. This is very much lacking in the world today where most muslim women are told to be quiet, not be seen or heard and just have patience when wrong is being done against her. Most muslim women does not even know the rights given to her by her Creator! Today the islam that is being taught is focused on mens issues and debated by men. We need women who study and share what they've learned so as to help the ummah. This is important for both men and women since a lot of women today are being oppressed and Allah has forbidden oppression for Himself and His creation. Allah has given women their full rights in islam, there are men who take them from us.
I understand that you as a man can not see how women are being oppressed just like a white man can never understand what it's like to be a black man living in a racist community but you should not assume to know, thinking so makes you ignorant. I understand that my post will probably not change your view but you should at least be careful about judging and assuming to know other people's niyah.

salaah khayr said...

Pffff feminist theories!! Please sister don't ruin the beauty of islam by linking it to the filthy feminism. Please.

ibnMuhammad said...

SubhanAllah, I'm so disappointed by this sister, who I actually dislike to call my sister in Islam, because of her damaging attitude towards Muslim women in the west.

SubhanAllah, I remember the cute and innocent "AnonyMouse" she was before marriage, and then one of the last posts I read was her getting married to a guy who was training to be imaam in Egypt or somewhere.

Now I've come back after all that time to find all this tripe - subhanAllah, it sounds like she has suffered at the hands of a cruel man, perhaps rape, or perhaps divorce.

Her writing on here as well as Facebook sounds like a woman with a hard heart, and as some others pointed out - harshness and man-hating writings.
I don't know how her husband puts up with her, or perhaps because of divorce, she was forced to go into a polygyny marriage.

Basically she sounds like a person with a diseased heart who uses her basic knowledge of the Qur'aan and Sunnah and picks up random ahadith and talks to justify her points.

i.e. basically the definition she wrote about about "Muslim Feminist" describes her perfectly.

She needs to desperately study the seerah in a lot more detail than simply ar-rahiq al-makhtum, and see the role of women, particularly after the ayah about hijab, and when it is possible for a muslimah to leave her home.
She also desperately needs to study the western society pre World War 1 and see the harmony in which men and women lived, where women's role was clearly defined as raising the next generation of healthy society (children) by keeping in their home.

SubhanAllah, again, I think in her twisted mind, she is some how justifying what she writes because of the scar or rape or some other event she suffered.

wallahu a3lam.

Anonymous said...

You make such great points about women's sexuality and dress in your posts, but your stance on women who make different moral choices than you and on lesbian women is hypocritical.

For example, "I frown upon mingling between the sexes and pre-marital relationships, but I will never belittle another woman's value and worth as a human being based upon her sexual history or rumours about her reputation" and "I believe that homosexuality is a great and terrible sin". There's no such thing as "frowning upon" or believing that someone's actions are sinful, but 'respecting' them. This magical middle ground doesn't exist. Think of it this way. 'I *respect* Muslims. I just think that there's something fundamentally wrong with them as human beings. And I'm willing to be friends with them and everything, but it would just make me a lot more comfortable if they didn' know...act Muslim in any way. As long as they don't wear hijab, or talk about life in the Muslim community, or mention God, I'll respect them, even though I personally think they're perverted and broken.'

The idea that homosexuality is fine as long as you repress it is a horribly, emotionally manipulative trap. How can you expect real human beings to behave this way - especially since you place so much emphasis on how wonderful your own sexuality is and how important it is that you be free to explore it?
Never mind that some of the greatest thinkers in the world have been gay - such as Alan Turing, a brilliant cryptanalyst and one of the founders of theoretical computer science, who played a crucial role in cracking German ciphers and is estimated to have (with his team) shortened World War II by 2-4 years, and who committed suicide due to the prosecution and humiliation he encountered after his sexuality was discovered. As far as religion goes, although the argument "my religious allows me to discriminate and exempts from me critical thinking" has never been a particularly strong one, there are Islamic scholars who support homosexuality, so it's not even as if hatred is your only option. I'm sure you can find plenty of scholars who hate gay men and women as well, but you can also find plenty of scholars who think that women belong in the house and can't think for themselves.
And it comes through. Do you think that the girls that you teach your planned sex ed to won't pick up your views and learning to be ashamed of their bodies and their identity?

The same way that feminism is garbage if it doesn't include Muslim women, feminism is garbage if it doesn't include gay women and promiscuous women. If you don't genuinely - not in the holier-than-thou 'I respect you but I think all of your choices are disgusting and shameful' bullshit way - include lesbian and transgender women as well as women who have different views on modesty, premarital relations, and sex than you in your feminism, your feminism is really just "I'm sexually active in marriage and I would like to be respected because it benefits me, while still being able to treat everyone who doesn't meet my personal standards as less than human.'

Angel101 said...
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Angel101 said...

What kind of a brother comes on someone blog as say he "dislike" to call another Muslim sister in Islam? Disgusting

Mina said...

If you believe in modesty/chastity for both men and women, why should only women be faceless and featureless? Are you troubled by studies indicating that face-processing is strongly associated with human empathy; thus, when a population is faceless, it is less likely to receive empathy? Perhaps it's less important for women's subjectivity to be grasped and valued than for their physical features to be concealed? Sounds pretty feminist to me.

Ummu Ayub said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ummu Ayub said...

To the one who wrote the comment preceded by the title "Anonymous5:32 AM, July 26, 2014"

Jazak Allahu khayr for your comment it is exactly what should be said... we cannot judge someone s intention but clearly seeing the words and display of wrongs and opposites in this blog will make us doubt of this sisters intention. If she has the best niyah in the world then she still has failed to have the 2nd criteria for a good deed to be accepted as such and that is the accordance with the shari3a from the Qur'an, the Sunnah and the comprehension that had the Salafs over these 2 sources of Islamic science,,,,
May Allah guide you to reform yourself sister Bint Younous as your words are really full of lies, you went even onto qualifiying yourself as being crazy. So this is either not true and you are lying or it is true and surely you shouldn't be writing things that will misguided others,,, and I see sadly so many ignorant sister being excited by the revolution and rebellion you represent. May Allah preserve our ummah.

No one has stopped muslim women to seek knowledge and you obviously haven't sought it in the right places or should I say you haven't been blessed with the understanding of Islamic science.
Khayr inshaAllah. I just hope you are not arrogant and instead of seeing people's reaction to your non sense as a form of jealousy or maybe just meanness...maybe question yourself just to be sure, speak to a scholar and be assured that they do not care which gender you are from they will advise you according to the book of Allah and the Sunnah of our beloved Messenger. Please do compare yourself to the great muslim women of the past, none of them has ever came out with non sense borrowed from the non Muslims and even worse from the Satanists (goth).

Sorry for typos and misspelling as English isn't my 1st language.
Ma3a salam

Anonymous said...

Thank you <3