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This is a rough index/ grouping of the articles I have written over the years, as well as recent audios of talks I have given with my mother.


The Youthful Marriages Series - co-written with my mother, Umm Zainab Vanker

Youthful Marriage: Impractical Ideal, or Viable Option?
 Part 2: Understanding Marriage
Part 3: Tools of the Trade
Part 4: Is Youthful Marriage for Everyone?
Conclusion: Questions & Answers About Youthful Marriage

Forgotten Heroines: The Mothers, Daughters, Scholars, and Warriors of Islamic History
Coming of Age in a New World (Ama bint Khalid)
Love in the Time of Quraysh (Zaynab bint RasulAllah)
Villainess and Heroine (Hind bint 'Utbah)
Youthful Pioneers of an Ancient Path
The Housewife's Lament (Fatimah bint RasulAllah)
Heavenly Souls: Physically Disabled, or Enabled for Paradise? (Umm Zafar)
First Blush of Womanhood (Umayyah bint Qays)
A Woman's Love, A Prophet's Promise
SISTERS TalkBack! - The Housewife's Lament 
The Ummah's Shame, The Ummah's Hope (Maryam bint 'Imraan)
Fatimah bint Muhammad: Audio Lecture (Umm Zainab Vanker and Zainab bint Younus)
Lioness Amongst Scholars (Hafsah bint Sireen)
Hind Bint 'Utbah: Radical Change (Audio - UmmZainab and Zainab bint Younus)
A Father's Legacy (A'ishah and Asma bint Abi Bakr)
The Price of Ambition (Khadijah bint Khuwaylid)
The Purity of an Adulteress (alGhaamidyyah)
Daddy's Little Princess (Fatimah bint RasulAllah)
More Than Just A Teacher (A'ishah bint Abi Bakr)
Another Man's Daughter (Zaynab bint Abi Salamah)
Tending the Hearth (Asmaa' bint 'Umays)
Outspoken: The Power of a Woman's Voice (Juwayriyyah bint al-Haarith)
Hawwaa': Vicegerent Upon the Earth 
Womentrepreneur: The Longest Arm (Zaynab bint Jahsh)
Guardian of the Qur'an (Hafsah bint 'Umar)
Pride & Prejudice (Zaynab bint Jahsh)
Noblewoman, Outcast, Queen (Khadijah bint Khuwaylid) - Part 1 , Part Two, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7
Love in the Time of Quraysh (mini-series - Zainab bint RasulAllah) - Part 1
A Tale of Two Women: The Milkmaid and the Empress (Umm al Baneen bint Abdul Azeez)
Passion and Power: The Politics of the Ideal Muslimah (A'ishah bint Tal'ha)
The Lioness of Ahlul Bayt (Safiyyah bint AbdulMuttalib)
A Queen's Throne and a Prophet's Challenge (Queen of Sheba)
And the Male is Not Like the Female (Maryam bint 'Imraan)
Speaking Truth to Power: The Eloquence of the Prophet's Granddaughter - Part 1 Part 2 (Zaynab bint Ali ibn Abi Talib)
Unbreakable: The Spirit of Hajar
His Laughter, Her Love (Sawdah bint Zam'ah)
Advisor to Head of State (Umm Salamah)
Asiyah: Mother of a Prophet and a Revolution (Asiyah)

The Princess Diaries - co-written with my mother, Umm Zainab Vanker
(Currently not published online)

Shield of Honour: The 'Izzah Series (originally written for with Siraaj Muhammad)

Creative/ Personal Writing

With Every Ramadan, There Is A Mark Upon My Soul (
We Muslim Women, We Grieve For Our Men
Barirah & Mughith: Beyond Love & Longing, a Tragic Tale in the Time of Quraysh (
Dancing with the Devil or Kissed by an Angel? (
My Khul', My Freedom
Not A Love Story (Part 1, Part 2)
Perplexed Muslim Misogynists Wonder Why No One Likes Them (satire)
The Fiqh of Marrying Mermaids

Social Issues
#MuslimSexEd: Talking to Your Kids About the Birds and the Bees (Audio lecture)
The Fatherhood Crisis (
Gheerah: Selfish Jealousy or Honourable Protectiveness? (also published at
Az-Zubayr ibn al-'Awwam and Domestic Violence
Between Hypersexualization and Extreme Segregation: Mixed Gender Interaction in Islam (also at
Innocence Lost: Child Sexual Abuse
Reinforcing Gender Injustice and Change From Within
A Crisis of Masculinity
How Do Muslim Women Encourage Misogyny?
On Handsome Men, Women's Desires, and Umar ibn al-Khattab
Orthodox Muslims and Feminism
Choosing Polygyny
Not Taboo: Sex Ed Through an Islamic Lens (audio interview with Radio Islam)
Busting Muslim Myths About Female Sexuality and here
(Mis)Understanding Transgender: Outdated Fataawah, Scholarly Disengagement, & Lack of Tarbiya (Part 1) and (Part 2)
Men Are Babies And Other Jokes
10 Things I Learned From My Ex
Requiem of a Marriage: Struggling with Divorce (Part 1) (Part 2)
Toxic: A Journey Through Emotional Abuse (Part 1)  (Part 2)
The Double Standards of Desire
The Best of Men (guest post for The White Canvas)
Marriage Bandits and the End of Secret Second Wives
"Jannah lies under her feet..."
Divorce from the Muslim Male Perspective
The Best of Men
11 Things I Learned from My Now-Husband (Part 1) (Part 2)
Islam and Abortion: What Is Abortion? Does Islam Allow for Abortion? Real Life Stories of Muslim Women and Abortion. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
Exploring Qiwamah with Sh Muhammad Nizami (Part 1)
The Trifecta of Rape Culture, Sexual Abuse, and the Muslim Community: Debunking False Statements
On Rape/Sexual Assault Tropes in Muslim Communities - An Islamic Response

Islam/ General

Qiwaamah: The Essence of Masculinity - Part 1 (Al-Jumu'ah Magazine) and Part 2
Between Misogyny and Ihsaan: Gheerah and Qawaamah
Unveiling the Hoor al-'Ayn (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
The Almost-Polygynous Woman's Checklist (Part 1) (Part 2)
10 Ways to be the Ideal Muslim Husband
The Myth of Unbiased Islamic Scholarship (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)
Muslims and #MeToo: 
Part 1: Should We Talk About Sexual Harassment Among Muslims?
Part 2: Muslims Addressing Sexual Harassment Head-On

Ask AboutIslam Column:

I Don't Ever Want to Get Married. Must I? 
His First Wife Steals Time Because of Their Kids! What Do I Do?
New to Islam and Abused by Fiance
What Do I Tell My Daughters About Trump?
Hajj Misconceptions
My Husband Wants Me to Get an Abortion
My Husband Has a Pregnant Second Wife
Struggling to Accept Polygyny
He Wants Me To Be His Fourth Wife, But...
My Husband Has a Secret Second Wife
A Second Wife Facing Homelessness
I Want to Divorce My Husband Because of the Hoor al Ayn
Is It Sinful to Be in Love with a Married Man?
"If You Marry This Woman, I'll Harm Myself!"
Husband Left Me and the Kids for Another Woman


My Accidental Jihad
My Dad's Beard
Did A Woman Edit the Qur'an?
How Big is Allah?
Dowry Divas
Polygyny: What It Means When African American Muslim Women Share Their Husbands
The Making of a Salafi Muslim Woman: Paths to Conversion
Ali Huda TV
The New Muslim's Field Guide
Layla M. (movie)

Current Events/ Media Exposure

Radio interview with Tommy Schnurmacher show. - Audio
32 Powerful and Brutally Honest Tweets From #LifeOfAMuslimFeminist
Discovering Muslim Women in 6 Words
I Am The Salafi Feminist: International Museum of Women
The Legitimacy of Muslim Feminists 
Challenging Stereotypes: Muslim Women Being Proactive
On Muslimah Montage, Muslim Women Take Charge
Niqab and Xenophobia in Canada (audio interview - Where the World is Going)
"Don't Speak for Muslim Women. Speak to Us." (The National Post, Canada)
Inspirational Muslimah: The Salafi Feminist and Her Uncompromising Style
Veiled Snapshots: Muslim Women Who Are Begging to be Saved (Buzzfeed)
Muslim women show what life is like behind the veil
"For me, niqab is a feminist statement." (AJ+)
'Covering One's Face Does Not Render One Silent or Stupid.' (Huffington Post Religion)
Why Young, Western Muslim Women Are Choosing to Wear the Face Veil (PBS Newshour) - audio interview
Niqab and the Canadian Elections (Al Jazeera's "The Stream")
An Interview with The Salafi Feminist on Gender, Religion, and Identity (Lingua Barbara)
The Muslim Chronicles Podcast - Interview
Let's Talk: Islam, Feminism, and Saving Saudi Women (Salaamedia)
Privilege: Or, Shit People Say to Muslim Women (Reviewsphere)
Second Annual Muslim Women's Literary Conference - Review
The Salafi Feminist Fights Stereotypes of Niqabi Women (video)
The Salafi Feminist Gets Real on Faith, Feminism, and Polygamy (The Tempest)
Taking Up Space: Race and Space (podcast)
Voiceless Icons No More: The Creative Self-Representation of Muslim American Lives in Digital Media (Krissy Peterson, Dissertation)
Boys in the Cave: Deen, Damsels, and Distress (podcast):

Patriarchy in the Qur'an and Sunnah, Female Scholarship and Self-Love: In Conversation with The Salafi Feminist

Women's March Canada (Victoria, B.C.) Symposium Panel: Women's Health and Safety

The Salafi Feminist Podcast

A Glimpse in the Life of a Female Scholar - Shaykha Aysha Wazwaz (audio)

Exploring Qiwamah - Shaykh Muhammad Nizami - Part 1

Spiritual Healing in a Month of Tragedy - Shaykha Tamara Gray (audio)

Muslim Female Prisoners and The Muslim Prisoner Project - Chaplain Tricia Veknach (audio)

Behind Bars: a Chat with S. E. Jihad Levine (audio)

Science, Social Justice, and Sky Diving with Sahar al-Faifi (audio)

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Umm Zainab Vanker
These articles were solely written by my mother, Umm Zainab Vanker.

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