About Me

As-salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,

My name is Zainab bint Younus, known around the Internet as AnonyMouse al-Majnoonah and The Salafi Feminist.

I am a Canadian niqaabi with a too-short attention span and too many fandoms to keep track of. I have a weakness for Goth accessories and Steampunk fiction, and spend more time daydreaming about Muslim biker chicks than, you know, getting around to being one. I am obsessed with unicorns and mermaids, full of glitter and the urge to destroy the patriarchy.

I prefer to describe myself as being an 'orthodox' Muslimah of vaguely left-leaning tendencies (hug the trees, save the polar bears, eat healthy, recycle, do exercise, and read books!), with a streak of punk and polka dots of feminism.

I also happen to be a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and writer.

I've been writing Islamic articles since 2005, from the age of 14.
I was first published as a youth columnist in the al-Ameen newspaper (Vancouver, B.C.), started this blog in 2006 (under the name "Musings of a Muslim Mouse"), and moved on to become a founding member, editor, and writer for MuslimMatters.org (I have since resigned).

Currently I'm a freelance writer for SISTERS magazine under the name AnonyMouse/ Zainab bint Younus, and have articles published on IslamicAwakening.com, SaudiLife.net, TheIdealMuslimah.com, LoveInshallah.com, and OnIslam.net as well.

I am a member of the Muslimah Writers Alliance

My article series "Forgotten Heroines" has also been turned into a series of classes/ interactive sessions, presented by myself and my mother, Umm Zainab Vanker, at the Malaysian Islamic center Yayasan Ta'lim
I am currently in the process of developing a series of workshops on #MuslimSexEd, which I deliver at my local masjid and plan on further developing into a curriculum, inshaAllah.

I worked as an editor for Darussalaam Publishers (KSA) for over a year, and am currently an editor for IIPH (International Islamic Publishing House).

I've also been featured on the International Museum of Women's Muslima Exhibit (click here), the Huffington Post: "Discovering Muslim Women in 6 Words," , The National Post (Canada), ComingOfFaith.com, the Tommy Schnurmacher radio show on Canadian radio channel CJAD 800, AJ+, and Al Jazeera's program "The Stream."

I have a Diploma in Islamic Studies from Arees University, and another in the History of Female Islamic Scholarship, under Sh Muhammad Akram Nadwi through the Cambridge Islamic College.

I am also a very new amateur abayah designer/ Muslim entrepreneur with my brand and company Abayaat Leather & Lace.

I update regularly on my Facebook page: Zainab bint Younus on Facebook

I am fiercely passionate about small Muslim communities, the global Ummah, Muslim youth, Muslim women, Islamic history, and news and politics.

About Umm Zainab Vanker:

Umm Zainab Vanker has been active in da'wah and community activism in Canada for the last ten years, and is deeply concerned with issues related to family and parenting. She is the mother of one crazy daughter, three teenage sons, and grandmother of one. She currently resides in Malaysia, where she has given several talks regarding puberty and rulings pertaining to women. She is also a writer for SISTERS magazine.