Saturday, July 08, 2017

Female leadership as a sign of Qiyaamah

Question: "I saw a Hadith that says that female leadership is a sign of Qiyamah is this authentic? Does it necessarily say it's a bad thing?

When the best among you are your rulers, the rich amongst you are liberal and the affairs of your State are decided upon by consultation among yourselves, then the surface of the earth is better for you than its inside. And when the worst among you are your rulers, the rich among you are miserly and the affairs of the State are entrusted to women, then the inside of the earth is better for you than its surface (Tirmidhi)."


Although this hadith was narrated by Imam atTirmidhi, he himself commented the following regarding its authenticity:
“This hadith is ghareeb (strange), and we do not know of it except from the statement of Saalih al-Mirri, and Saalih al-Mirri has strange ahadith which only he narrates. They are not to be followed, while he is a righteous man.”
As well, Shaykh al-Albani has declared this hadith weak in his book Da’eef al-Jaami’ asSagheer, and it is included in the collection of weak ahadith, Al-Targheeb wat’Tarheeb.

Due to the weakness of this hadith, it should not be taken into consideration and there is no need to discuss its meaning.


newboy13311 said...

Salam, don't have social media acct, so thought I could ask my questions here

Have 2 questions - 1) you recently tweeted about your poly relationship, and how it was different that you prev marriage. Im a Muslim male who isnt married yet (soon iA), so just wanted to understand this better; was your first husband abusive or controlling? Or was it a personality incompatibility? If this is too personal, feel free not to answer

2) I would like your thoughts on an article I wrote if possible:

I know you write quite a lot about similar topics, so would appreciate any feedback.

AnonyMouse said...


Previous marriage was both a combination of personality incompatibility as well as emotional abuse.

Mahdiya said...


I just found your blog and it's awesome (I too wear niqaab).

Was wondering the picture with the motorbike and a niqabi, did you draw it?

Your sister in Islam...

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum.

Is it possible to ask your mother's permission if it is ok for me to post the following quote of hers from her Facebook to my page?

"From the things that cause Muslim parents much heartache & fear , is seeing their child/ren deliberately throwing away their deen/iman for the dunya, disposing of the knowledge they had been raised with ,for what their nafs desire. Only Allah can guide them back to Him for He holds their hearts between His fingers..let us as parents never GIVE UP on duaa just as Allah didn’t give up on us when we were ignorant & lost. Ameen"