Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Female Scholars and Students of Knowledge

Many people ask, "Where are the female scholars?" (especially in the West). Below is a list (to be updated regularly) of the names of conservative/ Orthodox/ traditional female scholars and students of Islamic knowledge. They either have degrees or ijaazaat in various Islamic sciences - note that this list does not include those who have earned their background in Islamic studies through secular academic institutes.

Sh Aysha Wazwaz, founder of Gems of Light:
Sh Tamara Gray, founder of Rabata:
Sh Farhat Hashmi, founder of Al-Huda:
Sh Reima Yosif, founder of Al-Rawiya and ShaykhaFest:
Dr Rania Awaad, Islamic scholar and medical professional:
Sh Taimiyyah Zubair, Al-Maghrib Instructor:
Sh Hanaa Gamal, founder of Al-Azhar Institute in Houston, Texas:

Sh Zaynab Ansari:
Sh Muslema Purmul, co-founder of Safa Center:

Ustadha Fatimah Barkatulla:…/whats-in-your-ear-fatima-barkat…/

Shaykhaat of Tayyibun Institute - Umm Omar Al Farouq, Umm Ehab, Umm AbdurRahman, Umm Zakariyya, Umm 'Aisha, Umm Adam, Umm Shu'aib, Asma Khelfa

Ustadha Alima Ashfaq:
Ustadha Maryam Amir:

Sh Safia Shahid:

Ustadha Farhia Yahya:

Ustadha Umm Jamaal ud-Din 

The following is a list sent to me of the names of female students of knowledge as well as already established teachers and scholars.
List of Sunni female scholars in the US/Canada trained in fiqh from traditional seminaries:

Tahera Ahmed (
Hanaa Gamal
Seekershub: Zaynab Ansari, Nagheba Hayel, Shireen Ahmed, Mariam Bashar, Shehnaz Karim
Sila Initiative: Sulma Badrudduja, Noura Shamma, Fareeha Khan, Raheela Maniar
Rabata: Tamara Gray, Maryam Salman, Qurat Mir (also with Fawakih), Saadia Mian, Raghad Bushnaq (also with Fawakih), Sana Mohiuddin (maybe - Marah Dahman, Rydanah Dahman, Ola Habbab, Dahlia Kaswani)
Rahma Foundation: Eiman Sidky, Rania Awaad (also with Zaytuna), Shamira Chothia Ahmed, Nawar Taleb-Agha, Saira Abubakr (past - Zakiyya Bint Suleiman, Safiyya Bint Ahmad, Mona El-Zankaly, Rookeya Kaka, Roya Ataie, Fadwa Silmi)
Fawakih: Reem Azzam, Rosabel "Rawdah" Martin-Ross, Sumaya Jeeva, Zaynab Alwani
Sanad Collective/Rhoda Institute: Shehnaz Karim
Zaytuna: Nethal Abdul-Mu'min
Mishkah University: Zehra Hazratji
Zainab Center: Humera Ahmad

*It's worth noting that most of them are either Azhari or Sufi, because SALAFIS SUCK AT PROMOTING FEMALE SCHOLARSHIP.
Also, insert 'aqeedah disclaimer here. I'm referring to scholarship in the general sense of women who have studied seriously and know their stuff; this list is not an endorsement of non-Salafi aqeedah.


Anonymous said...

-maybe because modern salafism isn't reflective of the example of the Prophet saw :(
-i used to be salafi and found it very rigid and fear based which doesn't match your personality which is really weird
-the wife of our beloved saw was a scholar
-you might really like the book by Dr. Akram Nadwi which is Muhaddithaat (here is a link from a 'salafi' source:

barakAllahu feek for sharing :) <3

Anonymous said...

that is not a salafi website.

you probably never were a real salafi. a salafi is one who follows rasulullah, the companions and the generation after that. clearly, you have no knowledge.

The founder of Huda .. and Taymiyyah Zubair of Maghrib Institute have been refuted and warned against by actual scholars