Sunday, July 31, 2016

They Call Us Weak...

"Women were created weak and emotional and irrational and that is why they cannot do XYZ..."
Aasiyah ('alayhassalaam) endured the worst torture that Pharoah could dream up, and the last words to leave her lips were a supplication to Allah that was eternally recorded and recited in the Qur'an.
Khadijah (radhiAllahu 'anha) lost her societal standing, her wealth, was exiled into a barren desert and starved to death for the sake of Islam.
Haajar ('alayhassalaam) was left in an empty desert devoid of water and all sustenance, with an infant in her arms, and did not utter a word of complaint because of her belief in Allah.
Sumayyah bint Khayyat was raped with a foreign object until she died from it, maintaining her testimony of faith while her husband and son, who suffered torture that was nowhere near as fatal, wept because their tongues renounced Islam.
Al-Ghaamidiyyah returned to RasulAllah, her child in her arms, begging over and over that he purify her of the sin of zina by establishing the Hadd punishment, while Maa'ez ran away in fear.
Umm Habibah left her homeland, impoverished and a stranger to the language and customs and environment of Abyssinia, a political and spiritual refugee and member of a tiny minority - and then watched in horror as her husband, also a Muslim, became an alcoholic and then left Islam entirely before dying an ignominous death. Entirely alone, Umm Habibah refused to compromise on her faith.
Thousands of Muslim women today face abuse, rape, isolation, domestic violence, crippling poverty, are ostracized from their communities, are slandered and defamed... and yet hold to Islam with every fibre of their being, their hearts raw and yet fused with Tawheed, firm in their belief even when they find themselves faltering in every other way.
The strength of women from the dawn of time is more than any man can imagine, more powerful than they can fathom, and in their fear and their ignorance, they call us weak.
Allah, the Witness over all things, is a Witness to the strength of women, and it is His Strength we call upon when the cruelty of men seeks to render us weak.

Friday, July 01, 2016

These Are Our Men

Far too few of us appreciate the strength Muslim men have to hold their heads up with dignity when the world does its best to humiliate them. Even fewer of us understand the depth of love those men have for their families - for the ones whose sake, after Allah's, they endure all.
The ‪#‎TrueQawwam‬ amongst us are never given their due: men who prostrate in humility and in strength; men whose hearts break in silence; men whose love is never considered good enough; men whose struggles never end; men whose hearts give and give and give and receive little in return.
These are the men found in the houses of Allah, who rise with dignity, bow with honour, and prostrate in humility; these are the men whose love for their Lord and whose nobility of spirit do not allow them to forsake their families and their faith even when they feel their spines aching from the weight of their human weakness.
These are the men whose voices rise in takbeer while their hearts ache in the alcoves of the masaajid; whose calloused palms stroke their daughters' hair with a tenderness that cannot be hidden by their beards; whose sons see them as lions, fierce and playful, though they look in the mirror and see only their own weariness.
These are the men who will be raised on the Day of Judgment as greater than any mortal king, brighter than any dazzling star, whose beauty on that Day will be blinding to we who scorned their earthly visages.
These are our men: our fathers, our brothers, our husbands, our sons - and those who are none of those things to us, but are our men nonetheless.
These are our men.