Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Honour of Women

There are two women whom the Qur'an states received direct Wahy (Revelation) from Allah:
The mother of Musa, and Maryam ('alayhas-salaam).

There are two women who saw the Archangel Jibreel ('alayhis-salaam):
Haajar ('alayhas-salaam) and Maryam ('alayhas-salaam).

Saarah, the wife of Ibraheem, also saw angels with her own eyes - those who came to warn Ibraheem about the fate of the people of Lut, and to give her glad tidings of her future son, Is'haaq.

Aasiyah, the wife of Pharoah, had her prayer forever immortalized in the Qur'an:
{My Lord, build for me near You a house in Paradise and save me from Pharaoh and his deeds and save me from the wrongdoing people!} (Qur'an 66:11)

Maryam ('alayhas-salaam) was declared a Siddeeqah in the Qur'an - a position immediately beneath that of Prophethood.

Women have never been ignored by Allah, or kept excluded from the greatest of honours that could ever be given to humankind. They experienced Revelation; they witnessed the angels; they were at the center of miracles - in Maryam's case, she *was* a miracle!

These women have been remembered, venerated, and held as an example for the men and women of this Ummah alike; they have attained a position with Allah that is guaranteed, which none of us can claim for ourselves.

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