Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Them Mouse Traps Just Don't Work

I'm wondering whether to come back to this blog or not. Most of my writing is now confined to 'professional' works, basically articles for MuslimMatters.org, and my personal journals. My online activities have been minimized drastically from my early days of blogging (it's been three years, subhanAllah), and mostly I'm just busy with finishing off school and helping my father with the Madrasah website (http://www.almadinahacademy.com/).

The trouble is, I still have bits and pieces of half-formed thoughts floating around my head, niggling at the corner of my brain, and they won't leave me alone. Mostly just phrases and ideas that pop into my mind. Nonetheless, they insist on being shared and being commented on. Hence the consideration of returning to this blog.

If anyone is reading this, what say you? Should I resurrect this lonely corner of the blogosphere, littered as it is with mouldy cheese and dust bunnies, or ought I to let things lie dead and buried?


mcpagal said...

Hey, I say resurrect it! It's good to have place for random ramblings :)

iMuslim said...

The great thing about RSS feeds are that you can remain subscribed to dormant blogs such as these, and be notified as soon as they are updated!

Anyway... do whatever you feel is best. We'll be waiting here... RSS feed readers on the ready. :D

erin said...

I agree w iMuslim, RSS feeds are great :) I like reading your posts, so if you feel up to it I'd say go ahead insha'Allah

Arif Kabir said...
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