Monday, February 25, 2008


Why is it that sometimes it’s easier to admit your mistakes to God, to ask His Forgiveness, and to swallow your pride in front of Him; than it is with other people? Why are we sometimes more reluctant/ afraid to say or do something in front of other people than we are in front of Allah?

Is it a sign of lack of emaan, shedding light on our pathetic state of affairs; or is it just “one of those things”?


Imran Kahn said...

I think it’s the belief that god already knows that it is your fault that makes it easy. Also its not as if god will use your confession against you in a conversation next week or next moth is he??

illuminatingfaith said...

As Sheikh Waleed Basyouni told us repeatedly in the AlMaghrib Rays of Faith class:

"Don't be Shaytan's enemy in public and his best friend in private"

May Allah protect us all and forgive us, ameen.