Thursday, December 13, 2007

In Need of Your Ad'iyah

My granduncle has just been diagnosed with stomach cancer... and is, according to the doctors, beyond all help.
He's been sick for a while now - he didn't feel all that well when he came back from Hajj last year, and then he went to Malaysia and it got a bit worse - but he put it down to a really bad virus of some sort. When he finally started throwing up and was rushed to the hospital, they found out what it was.
Al-Hamdulillaah that we have so much of our family in the same city... my uncle and aunt are also flying in today to see my GoraDada.
Please make du'a that his last days are of ease and comfort, and that insha'Allah he dies as a shaheed.

"He who is killed fighting for Allah's cause is a martyr, he who dies in the cause of Allah is a martyr, he who dies in an epidemic is a martyr, he who dies from a stomach disease is a martyr, and he who dies of drowning is [also] a martyr." (Reported by Muslim.)

SubhanAllah, only recently two of my dad's friends have also been diagnosed with cancer... things are getting pretty tough.
May Allah grant us all strength of emaan and the patience to pull through such tough situatins successfuly, ameen.


Faraz said...

May Allah grant him shifa and ease!

Though doctors aren't always right when they say "beyond all help". My father was diagnosed with a deadly cancer over 10 years ago, with doctors saying he had "only six months left". Now, ten years later, he's still fine by the mercy of Allah. So don't lose hope, nothing is difficult for Allah.

May Allah let us all leave this world in a state pleasing to him, and raise us amongst the shuhadaa.

Anonymous said...

Man, sorry to hear that. Faraz is right though, none know the day and hour when anyone will depart this earth. Your family will be in my duas.


AnonyMouse said...

JazakAllahu khair for your du'aas... we're going to keep needing them... his health keeps fluctuating - one day he looked like he was going to die, the other day he looked hale and hearty - and all we can do is keep praying for him and the rest of the family.

Unique Muslimah said...

May Allah increase his levels in Paradise with every hardship he faces inshallah, may Allah grant him shifa and patience. I'm sorry sis :( May Allah be with you and the family..

Anonymous said...

Ameen to all the beautiful ad'iya above.

Anonymous said...

Any news? I hope he is doing well, but either way, alhamdulillah he got to do Hajj before his health declined. May we all be so lucky.


AnonyMouse said...

Al-Hamdulillaah, he was allowed to go home on Thursday... but it's because they can't give him any treatment at all... so it's basically a matter of hanging around 'till he dies.
Still, he's not in pain, though - alHamdulillaah for that! - and he's got his family all around him... his kids, his brothers, his nieces and nephews. So insha'Allah he'll die happy, at least.

Umm Layth said...

may allah make things easy and accept him ameen

anony, the healthy ones may reach death be4 him. So we all shoulb be preparing.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum

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