Monday, December 10, 2007


Of all people, Maclean's Magazine decides to interview Tarek Fatah??!!!!!

The man is crazy... amongst his track record for saying the darndest things, he's claimed that Little Mosque on the Prairie is totally unrepresentative of Muslims because according to him, most Muslims don't even pray.
He's paranoid, too - he's constantly going on and on about how The Islamists are trying to take over Canada and impose Shari'ah or something.
And, ummmmm, what does the whole teddy-bear-named-Muhammad thing have to do with A love affair of the Left and Islamists that is very dangerous for the rest of the world"?

Is Maclean's trying to be funny?


Anonymous said...

Fatah is what Malcolm X called a "House Slave"; he has no credibility among fellow Muslims, but he also cannot get the Muslim-haters to support him. They trot him out as a useful idiot from time to time but since he still claims to be a Muslim, they won't claim him either. I guess I could say, well, maybe he doesn't belong to a group and simply believes what he believes, which I could respect; but like most politicians, he seems to vacillate wildly between positions as convenient. I mean, supporting a hijab ban? For real?


P.S. I love when Thomas Friedman discovered "moderate Islam" in the form of.... Irshad Manji? Apparently having no clue is what gets you media jobs these days.

sweden1975 said...

What do you have to say to this Anonymouse?

"Dad charged after daughter killed in clash over hijab"

How long shall you be deceived by this crazy cult?

AnonyMouse said...

Sweden, come on - you should know me well enough by now.

It was WRONG, and UNISLAMIC for the man to kill his daughter over hijaab.
There is no way that this is going to turn me, or anyone else with firm belief in God, away from Islam.

Seriously, do you expect Muslims to condemn EACH and EVERY single crime committed by Muslim? In that case, I may as well expect to you apologize for EACH and EVERY single crime committed by a Christian, Jew, or atheist. How's that? You can start now.

AnonyMouse said...
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AnonyMouse said...

Besides which, Tarek Fatah is an idiot. No Muslim takes him seriously.
And that National Post article is just another example of ignorant rabble-rousing, fear-mongering LIES and exaggeration that's making it all the more difficult for Muslims in Canada.
Because of the actions of ONE ignorant fool, we are ALL being treated with suspicion and as though we're all about to go kill our family members over hijaab or something.

Anonymous said...

Look, the Death Cult gives us all health insurance, which is hard to come by these days. I also get 15 days of paid vacation from the Death Cult headquarters in Mecca, and as much falafel and hummus as I can eat, which beats lutefisk and meatballs any day of the week. You gotta really try to sell us on a better cult before you tell us to leave this one.


Malik said...

or anyone else with firm belief in God, away from Islam.

I know many non-muslims with a firm belief in G-d. One does not have to follow Islam to be a true believer in G-d; in fact there are extremely good arguments that Islam takes you as far away as possible from the path to G-d.

I may as well expect to you(sic) apologize for EACH and EVERY single crime committed by a Christian, Jew, or atheist. How's that? You can start now.

If you could show that those Jews, Athiests, and Christians did it in the name of their religion (or lack thereof) was supported by many passages in their holy books (or philosophy) and were reinforced by a majority of scholars in their religion or philosophy; then, yes, I would ask Jews, Christians and Jews to denounce it.