Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm Losing It!

I dunno what it is, but I feel like I'm losing my touch for writing quality articles these days... :(
I can't think of any subject I'm really "qualified" to write about, nor have my recent 'works' been much in terms of insight or anything. My last post on MuslimMatters drove the point across to me quite strongly, and I'm tempted to delete it.
It doesn't feel like writer's block; it feels more like I'm just not writing anything worth reading.

Hmmmmmmm, is it possible for someone to lose a talent? It hurts, really - I miss the enormous feeling of excitement, the wheels of my brain going round and round, the itching in my fingertips that would overwhelm me whenever I came across something that inspired me to write something that I knew others actually thought was worth reading.

Maybe it's a sign... should I just stop writing?


* Jawharah * said...

I know what you're saying...I feel the same way. Ah, you'll get that feeling back soon though inshaAllah. I hope so...I wanna read more of your blogging soon. ;)

hema said...

well, i haven't read your latest post on MM yet, but i'm sure it was fine. you worry too much. i'm sure you'll get your magic touch back soon. xx

Faraz said...

Assalamu'alaykum sis,

Nope, this is not a sign that you should stop writing. If anything, this is a sign that you should continue, and be more open with your thoughts. Perhaps you can get back into things here in your old blog, and then when you feel re-energized, give Muslim Matters another shot.

Here's a topic for you to think about - what role do you think blogging actually plays in helping a Muslim contribute to society? Do you think that perhaps it deters someone from more important endeavours, or is there a place for it in the many spheres of Islamic activism? I'd like to hear your thoughts on that.

In the mean time, don't worry about whether others think your writing is worthwhile to read or not. Just sit back and enjoy the process of writing. Enjoy the feeling that you are transcribing the neurons in your brain to words on a (web)page. Appreciate that Allah taught us use of the pen (and the keyboard, so to speak). It's really a gift.

Take care,

sweden1975 said...

AnonyMouse, you can not loose anything you are an exceptional talented mouse!
It is only that as you are getting older you will be more and more self critical.

To be writing as a grown up is no different then before except in the amount of work. Consider Woodhouse, the greatest comic writer of last century, perhaps the greatest that ever lived. All and each book he published he rewrote seven times! Another thing is that you should not be afraid to take from others, "Bad artists copy. Great artists steal". Pablo Picasso "Great artist take what they need" Kenneth Clark. And you transform it in your own special forge.

So don't give up. The first draft is nothing, merely a hunch of a concept to an idea.

One last history about another mouse. She had fallen into a large jar of milk, such as they used to make butter with in old times. The walls were step and high. There was not any way to get out! But the mouse didn't give up but swam and swam and swam. and do you know what? The milk turned into butter and the mouse could jump out!

You shall never give up. The were no way the mouse could know about the butter thing but she just kept on fighting anyway.

AnonyMouse said...

As-salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatu,

JazakAllahu khairan everyone! I really appreciate it... haha, I know someone who's going to say "I told you so!" when she reads this! :P

That's a brilliant question, Faraz! You've actually put into words something that's been niggling my mind the way a tongue does a loose tooth... thanks for the prompt! Insha'Allah it'll get the wheels of brain up and running again soon :)

Sweden, thanks for the mouse story! I've never heard it before - it really is food for thought!


Anonymous said...

Assalamu 'alaykum warahmatullah
It's a shame I just came across your blog an hour ago, coz It's quite interesting, MashaAllah.

Your blog reminds me of myself a bit when I was your age.

I know what you mean about what you said in your post; 'not writing anything worth reading'.

I guess it isnt so much about losing the talent, as it is about losing interest in writing (blogging).

Either this thing you're feeling will soon pass, and you'll start writing again (I hope), or not.

I've only been here for a bit, but this is one of the few good blogs, Mashallah.


Anonymous said...

u have a very judgemental point of view.. maybe that comes with being the shayk's daughter.. u certainly mention that enough... it would be nice to see both sides of an argument in some of your writing and a little more modesty (modesty doesn't only equal the way you dress dear)!

AnonyMouse said...

Wa 'alaikumus-salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatu,

LD, thanks! I'm glad you like my blog (what's left of it these days!) and you might like to check out which is where I usually contribute these days.
I don't think it's losing interesting in writing/ blogging so much as not being exactly sure what to write about... I doubt whether I'm the right person to 'talk' about these things because I'm so young and inexperienced and don't have the knowledge or wisdom of others.
But insha'Allah it'll all turn out okay... :)

Anonymous, thank you also... I appreciate being let known how I can better myself as both a writer and a person, so shukran jazeelan!


Arif Kabir said...

I normally have this feeling especially when I want to write something beneficial but then remember that I'm nowhere as qualified as the other Shuyookh are. However, whenever this happens, what I try doing is that I'll try bringing a new perspective on an Islamic issue or just relate it in my own words while trying my best not to make my own Tafseer or Fatwa