Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ummah Films - Fee Sabilillaah Discount

Baba Ali does an excellent job reminding Muslims about business ethics and the lack thereof which is unfortunately common in the Muslim communities.


iMuslim said...


I just finished watching this vid on the Ummah films blog. It's a shame, but the 'fisabilillah discount' lives on!

I didn't really identify with the first part of his video though; the 'fifty dollar book' rant. Most of the events i have been to have had really cheap books, most likely because they are subsidized.

I remember going to a class where the speaker charged more than the "average" fee. Even though it was not prohibitively expensive, I think a few of us were wondering why that was (but to ourselves, as i didn't hear anyone complain). We didn't have to wait long for an answer, as he spent the first 5-10 mins of the class justifying the price tag (maybe someone did complain!).

However, he brought up some really good points:

First, he said that speakers were humans, with families etc, and they needed to eat like the rest of us.

Second, he mentioned that in the olden days, islamic teachers would be funded by the people directly, either via trade or other means, which meant they worked for them alone; not for funding bodies or governments that might influence their teachings via bribes/ threats to cut off their income.

Third, Muslims are more than prepared to pay £25 for some best-selling fiction novel at a high street book shop, but they feel hard pressed to spend even half that much on an islamic book that would actually bring them some benefit!

There may have been more points, but i forget.

Alhamdulillah, it was a good reminder for us.


lobna-om elzooz elazooz said...

i just saw brother Ali this Sat on a banqet,and he showed us this clip that he just made on Fri night..he is so funnay,smart, and very down to earth..mashallah!

DA said...

Ummah films is great. My favorite is when he was talking about things Muslims should avoid daying when we fly.

"The food there was the BOMB man, it was the BOMB..."

Arguing about your halal meal "I wanted halal, who cuts your meat, does he do it by hand, I want to speak to someone about this.

Manas Shaikh said...

Thanks for the video.

Unfortunate truths about the Muslims...

We are the most uneducated at the moment. Many of us lives in the dirtiest part of the city.

AnonyMouse said...

I actually did get the ‘fifty dollar rant’ thing… although, the way I experienced it was the other way around. At the Islamic centre my dad used to run, we used to sell Islamic books as well. Now, few of them were $50, but the thing was that many people thought that the books were way too expensive – only they don’t realize that getting Islamic books from the States and overseas isn’t exactly cheap, and that we need to be able to at least cover the cost!

At the same time, it’s also annoying when people have some really cheap stuff that they’re selling for exorbitant prices… not to mention that it’s against Islamic business ethics!

Sister Lobna:
Masha’Allah, you got to see him in person? That’s awesome… I think that having him around would be really good for the youth especially, ‘cuz they can relate to him and he’s funny and manages to get his point across without being preachy. Al-Hamdulillah!

Ummah Films ROCKS! They’re a hundred times better than Little Mosque on the Prairie… Haha, I loved the hijab vid – mostly ‘cuz I’ve personally seen all those different types of ‘hijabs’ (especially the napkin one!!! I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that at a wedding we were invited to!).

Have you seen the other Ummah Films videos? They all touch on very important subjects, masha’Allah. You can find them on YouTube.

Reem said...

he is very funny, I like the "Arrogant" one where he says"

Which one looks better? Then he does his hair the first one" Does this look better? then he does another one (which looks the same) then he says or this one...

The the other one says (which ofcourse the same) they both look the same to me

Then the other one: Thats because your Jealos...

(I might post the Arrogantone on my blog so check it out at: