Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Messenger

(No, not Messenger as in Prophet, but messenger as in someone who delivers messages...)


Anonymous said...


Sometimes I write you off as a drip, and sometimes I think of you as the best hope for the future of Canada and the world. Always I admire your courage and fighting spirit.

Peace to your obviously good parents, I have no improper intentions. I can help you with literature and mathematics. If it has any significance I was once a Muslim, today I cannot find peace in any religion.

Please write back. Peace to you and yours,


AnonyMouse said...

Hi, David :)

lol... let's hope I'm the latter and not the former :)

Sure, I'd appreciate it if you could help me out with homework... when I need it, I'll be posting my pleas for help on the blog! (I've actually got an English essay that needs editing posted below) :)

Um, I hope you're not offended, but may I ask why you're no longer Muslim? Were you a convert, or 'born Muslim'?

Take care!

DA said...

I used to be a messenger. It was a cool job.

shaz said...

salaams... looked for email, but could not find. I am starting a muslim women blog directory at Its still under construction there and will be moved inshaAllah, but I would like to add your blog under the deep thinking section, please let me know inshaAllah. wasalaam.

AnonyMouse said...

Sister Shaz - as-salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatu! :)

Yeah, I don't have my email posted on here... but I'd love for my blog to be added to your directory! :) Jazaakillaahi khairan! :)

Your ukhti,

Molly said...

Mouse, ukti means my sister. You mean to write ukhtik, your sister (yes, I'm just as annoying correcting people in Arabic, lol)

AnonyMouse said...

lol, thanks for the correction, Molly! :)

Your ukhtik,
Mouse ;)