Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thinking about the state of the Muslim community, thinking of all the troubles we face, I also think of what the First Nations people of Canada and America went through, when their land was overrun by and then ruled by Europeans, who, because of their lack of understanding, because of their ignorance and the bias and hatred that comes from that ignorance, committed great injustices against the Natives. They almost destroyed their way of life. So many Native children grew up without a sense of identity, unsure, fearful, even ashamed of their Native heritage, shunning it in favour of white culture.

I think that we Muslims, especially in North America, can learn a great deal from the Natives. Today we are going through what they did: people are biased against us, have stereotypes of ‘evil Muslims’, constantly making us defensive of our religion, even ashamed of our Muslim identity. Many of us try to water down our Islam so that we can fit in, so that we can ‘integrate into society’. And in that way, we are steadily losing our Muslim identity.

So what can we do? We can defy those people who try to make us ashamed of our religion and of ourselves, by standing up strong and proud and continuing to practice Islam with all our hearts and souls. We will open up Islamic schools and teach our children the values of Islam, and teach them that as Muslims, there is nothing in our religion to be ashamed of and everything to be proud of. We are a people who obey God’s commands, who are enjoined to do good and to forbid evil. We are a people who have been given a responsibility, the responsibility to work hard to make this world a better place. We have been given the Khilaafah, and it is our duty to work as hard as we can to fulfill that Amaanah, that trust, from God.

So we must remember, always: NEVER be ashamed of being a Muslim. Our religion is Islam, the Qur’an is our guide, the Prophet is our model, Paradise is our goal.

Now let's get out there and prove ourselves worthy of God's trust, and of Paradise!

(What do you think? Inspirational? :P)


Taysiir said...

Damn it mouse, I love ya :P Excellent article.

Faraz said...

I once wrote a poem about this; the issues faced by Aboriginal people in North America are very similar to the struggles of many displaced Muslim communities.

I really started sympathizing with the Aboriginal people when I worked for a while at Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. In fact, there was a "Kumik" in our office building, which was an "Aboriginal Spirituality Room"; that became my musalla for a while, so I used to see the Natives doing their thing whenever I went down for Zuhr. Occasionally, we would discuss religion, and they shared many beliefs and concerns with Muslims, subhanAllah.

I've really enjoyed your writing thus far; you've been bookmarked, and I enjoy coming back here for your insights. I pray that Allah Subhana wa ta'Ala continue to use you for the service of the Deen, insha-Allah; don't forget me in your prayers too.

AnonyMouse said...

lol, taysiir... :)

Thanks, Faraz! And ameen to your du'aa...