Tuesday, August 15, 2006

On Islam and... Socialism/Communism/Anarchism and Capitalism

(Wow, what a lot of isms...)

Now, I'm no expert on political movements or ideologies. But since I've been frequenting the Angry Arab blog, I've been exposed to those who hold such political ideologies as socialism, communism, anarchism, and capitalism. And, since I've been thinking a great deal about the Islamic State and how to establish it, in the 21st century, I decided to learn a little about the above political ideologies. I did a bit of basic research (*cough*Wikipedia&Google*cough*) and I *think* I know what the basic principles of those ideologies are.
Having got that done, I've begun thinking about those ideologies in relation to Islam. Because there is no standard form for the Islamic State - just some basic rules and guidelines found in the Quran and Sunnah - I've been trying to create some sort of rough outline for 'my' Islamic State. It's interesting to note that the Islamic State can be either a monarchy or a democracy, although of course the head of state would be called the Khalifah.
Anyway, back to the isms.
Having done my research, I decided to read up on what some people have to say about Islam and all those isms. The following is what I have concluded:

Islam is not socialist, communist, or anarchist, although according to what Wikipedia says they share certain principles - but, with some differences. For example, socialism and communism (and anarchism, too, I think), don't believe in private property. In a way, Islam agrees with that, because we believe that the entire universe and everything in it belongs to God alone and that mankind is simply a guardian entrusted with the earth and who has an obligation to take care of it and act responsibly. God is the Creator of it all, the Sustainer, the only true Possessor of it all. On the other hand, however, Islam recognizes human nature (which, of course, God created) and its desire for ownership, property. I guess that Islam reconciles the two - God's ownership of the entire universe, and human nature's desire for authority - by giving mankind the right to 'own' property, but also obligating us with responsibility to what is under our authority. We are forbidden to abuse humans, land, and animals - and if we do not, on the Day of Judgement we will stand before God and be held to account for it.
As for capitalism, well, in Islam we are certainly allowed to engage in business, but again, we are obligated to work fairly and are forbidden from exploiting others. So, all those sweatshirt factories and stuff, the child labour and the exploitation of the poor, it's all forbidden in Islam... we are ordered to be fair, honest, and just; to treat others as we would like to be treated; and if we try to cheat, lie, and do whatever we can just to make more money, we're in big trouble with God.

Okay, cool. I think I've got it all figured out... so now I need to think about how 'my' Islamic State is going to work. I don't know anything about economics except for the fact that it's important for a country to have a stable economy, but I hate the capitalism that the West is so a part of.
Ah, well. I'll just have to think about it some more. It's not like I'm helping build the Islamic State right now, after all.


DA said...

You seem like a smart kid, ukhti...

Anyway, yeah, Islam has certain principles in common with many social philosophies, but at the end of the day, we are only Muslims, not adherents of manmade systems of thought. That's how I see it, anyway.

Me2 said...

Assalamu Alikom sister,
well.. I didn't read all your blog yet.. but I wanted to tell you that I thank Allah for having a muslim like you around the world,, as we arabs became a shame on Islam

My other blog on Wordpress where I'll write in English ISA:

DA said...

Wa Alaykum Salaam Wa Ramatuallah

Thanks, but I'm actually a brother :-)

And I hold nothing against the arabs at all. Truthfully, our whole ummah is in bad shape and all of us will need to live righteously and work for allah. All of use, regardless of race, nation, culture, etc will work together and we are all equal in allah's sight, who judges us on our iman and our deeds.

I will keep up with both your blogs, inshallah :-)

AnonyMouse said...

Akhi DA - maybe sister me2 was talking about *me*? ;) :)

DA said...

Oh, duh, I thought you WERE me2.

haha, I'm not too bright.

Anonymous said...

I thought Islamic states functioned because they enslaved people - you know for cheap labour!