Monday, August 21, 2006

Islamic State, Part 3

Right, so let's fastforward. Say that all those organizations and programs have been established, and the Muslim community is ready for some really big change! Now it's time for politics!

We all know that the so-called leaders of the 'Muslim world' - people like House of Saud, Musharraf, 'Abdullah of Jordan, Husni Mubarak, etc. - are not real leaders at all. They certainly do not have their people's best interests in mind, they're all servants of the West, and a great deal of what they do is totally unIslamic. And because of it all, they are contributing a great deal to the pathetic state of the Muslims, especially when it comes to politics. Politically, the Muslims have very little, if any, clout. Nobody really listens to us or takes us seriously. And this has GOT to change.

Don't worry, I'm not going to call for a full-out revolution or rebellion against the existing regimes. That's far too messy and I think it will cause more fitnah than anything else. No, I advocate a more, well, sneaky approach. Remember our grassroots organizations? Well, let's expand from social services into politics. We need representatives - REAL representatives - of the general Muslim population. People who will pay attention to what the Muslims want, and what they need, and work to help out accordingly. People who have good communication
skills, people who can speak well, eloquently, to the point. People with strong wills, determination, and, of course, strong Imaan.
Anyway, on getting started in the politics, I was thinking about how Hamas and Hizbullah had a pretty good approach. First, they had the grassroots thing going, the social services for the people, and then they went into politics, choosing their people well, choosing their stances properly.
Personally, I don't want any crazy radicals, but I don't want any of those 'liberal reformer' people who want to make everything and anything halaal. No, I want someone who has knowledge of Islam, knows the boundaries and knows not to cross them, but who also has an understanding of politics (well, that's a must, obviously) and can garner the people's support.

Insha'Allah, once we have these people, we can somehow get them active in the political arena of their respective locales. In countries such as Egypt, Jordon, Syria, etc. where there are groups such as the Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen, *maybe* we could join forces with them, in a manner of speaking. Build political alliances and whatnot.
Of course, we have to make our positions clear, and we've got to find out their opinions on certain subjects to see whether they've got the radical/liberal thing going on or not.

I just remembered something very important - the money. Money ALWAYS plays a big part in politics. But with *my* organizations, I want us to remain firmly uncorrupt. We will NOT give in to bribes, or be 'persuaded' with dollar bills. We will remember, always, that Allah is watching us, and that we do nothing except to please Him and work to establish law, order, justice, and peace upon the earth. Corruption will not be tolerated. *Glares*

Soooooo... yeah. That's it, so far, on the politics thing. We need the right people with the right skills, we need people with the knowledge and the savviness (I don't care if it's not a real word... because it is now!)... people who will remember their responsibility first and foremost to Allah, and then to the Ummah, who will look out for the well-being of the people.


Taysiir said...

Well said, What we need, is an advocate of peace, a hero, a one man army, with a sword unleashing words, that can touch any man heart across the world.

Ps. Meh, the guy just need to say, Hi, I am mustafa, *boom headshot*.

" ... oh noes ... mossad got him ..."

Elisabeth Strout said...

"Don't worry, I'm not going to call for a full-out revolution or rebellion against the existing regimes. That's far too messy and I think it will cause more fitnah than anything else."

Wow, you really called that one, seven years in advance!