Friday, August 18, 2006

I was thinking about something, and I'm wondering if you (meaning, anyone who's reading this) could help me...

As you know, I wanna do a lot of things... but mostly, work with the Muslim community, trying to improve it. So I have decided, insha'Allah, to study Islamic Studies at an Islamic University. If I get through these next two years of high school (may Allah make it easy for me, and give me the strength to get through it, and to GRADUATE!!!!!!) then my number-one-university-that-I-want-to-study-at is the Umm al-Qura University in Makkah. If I don't get accepted there, there's an Islamic University in Yemen that one of my mom's friends is studying at, and she says it's great. And if not there, then there are two universities through which I can study online, in English, from authentic Islamic scholars. Insha'Allah!

BUT, in addition to the Islamic Studies, I want to do something in relation to politics, because I want to have at least a basic understanding of it, plus I want to get involved in politics somehow, insha'Allah. So, for that, I was wondering - should I do some political science courses? If so, should I do college courses, or go right ahead and take university courses? And will taking these extra courses make it harder for me when studying at the Islamic Universities? Or should I do them before, or after, the Islamic university?

Decisions, decisions, decisions! May Allah help me make the best decisions... and in the meantime, d'you think you could give me some feedback of your own? Shukran!


Christian Sunni said...

Mouse, what is the difference between college and university courses?

I did my B.A. in Political Science and I have to say that you are probably as smart or more bright than any of the people in any of my classes. I can totally understand why you want to do something political though, I don't think PolSci classes are necessary.

I see you involved in social work within the Islamic world. There are porblems and issues within that community in the West just like there are in any other community, unfortunately many Muslims don't feel comfortable seeking out help from westerners--I see you as a bridge between them and the services that they need. Think about it and then email me for more info if you like.

AnonyMouse said...

Thank you, CS - I really appreciate the advice :)

ABD said...

as salaam alaykum,

i just started reading your blog, and pray that you extract and spread good from it. christian sunni makes a good point--i also did my ba in something political sciency (a mix of politics and religion, actually), and i don't think polisci classes are all they are cracked up to be. i've moved into political philosophy since then, which gives you a deeper understanding of the most important questions in politics (e.g., what is power? what is the best kind of government? should society come first or the individual?)

if you want to get a headstart on things, i suggest you devise a reading list on your own. and if you're getting homeschooled, all the better--it gives you added flexibility and discretion. let me know if you want book recommendations, but i would start with seyyed hossein nasr's "a young muslim's guide to the modern world." the author is a major american muslim academic (at george washington univ, i think) and despite his particular lens (shi'i, sufi) is a good source of knowledge.

and Allah knows best.

Cevris said...

You have a great blog. I wish you good luck. May Allah (SWT) make it easy for you. I'm sure, you'll do it inshaAllah and will become what you want to!
Just labour hard and pray to Allah and everything will work out ok for you;)

Take care!