Sunday, July 30, 2006

Who Am I?

Call me Mouse! :)

I am a 15-year old Canadian Muslimah, passionate about politics and religion. I want to become a Sheikha/'Aalimah, a female scholar of Islam, and follow in the footsteps of my namesakes - the daughter, the wives, and the granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). They were all such amazing women, who did so much, and I wish that I could do as much as they did for the Muslims.
I also want to solve the world's problems... I know it's rather ridiculous, but I really do. The world is in such a terrible state today, and I want to be able to fix it.
But, of course, since I'm only 15, there's not much I can do right now except try and get through high school without going insane :( I view high school as a great waste of time. I mean, what am I learning that's going to actually help me in the real world?
Aaaaaaaaanyway, anti-high-school rantings aside, this blog was created by Molly, a wonderful lady I met on the Angry Arab Blog, and this blog is going to be about... well, the Musings of a Muslim Mouse, I guess :)

That's it for my first post... insha'Allah I'll update soon with something more interesting! :)

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Anonymous said...

You should start your self-education by reading Al-Kor'an.