Monday, July 31, 2006


When I'm older, I want to go to Afghanistan. I want to help the people out, not only with stuff like food and medicine, but in educating the people about Islam. From what I've heard and read, Islam there is sort of a traditional thing, with lots of bid'ah (innovations) going on, and lots of cultural stuff goes on that isn't Islamic.
I want to help the women and girls especially - show them that they can be strong Muslim women, and have a real role in shaping the future of their people, their country.

But I also want to get really involved in the politics. I know it's pretty unrealistic, but I've even come up with a detailed plan on how to do it. I had saved it as a file on one of our computers, but it was the school's computer and when we moved we had to give it back, so I guess I'll have to type it all up again.

Here's the plan, although it's lacking some details and slightly disorganized:

First start hanging out with the locals. Earn their trust by being helpful with everyday things... learn the language... At the same time, start getting in touch with local leaders, see how welcoming they are of me and my big plans :P

I just realized that there's no way I could do this all on my own... so I guess I'll start some sort of NGO organization, or join up with existing groups, to start all these cool projects to help out the Afghanis...

Right, so I'll start this social welfare sort of thing, providing food and aid and medicine and teaching and all sorts of things. As I try to win the people over, I'll start with the leaders - I really want to see what the local Mullahs have to say.

From what I've read, the Afghanis still want an Islamic republic thingy - a much more moderate version of the Taliban, I guess you could say - and that works great for me, because I firmly believe in the Islamic State. But, like the Afghanis, I don't want it Taliban style. I have a grand vision of an Islamic State that will echo the glory and grandiose of the Golden Age of Islam, truly Islamic yet a centre of learning and discovery and beauty. Afghanistan, I guess you could say, would be my testing ground.

So anyway, somehow or another I want to be able to change from a social welfare group to a political party. I would advocate Shari'ah, but instead of being harsh and oppressive (which is counterproductive, anyway, because then people start hating you for being so mean), it would be gentle, compassionate, y'know? I'd start with simple things, laying a foundation upon which I can slowly build, instead of suddenly bringing down all these rules on the people and freaking them out. It will be Islamic, but as the Prophet (peace be upon him) taught, it will be gentle and compassionate and forgiving instead of harsh and oppressive and unyielding.

And, slowly but surely, insha'Allah (God willing) Afghanistan will rise to be a strong shining light, an example to the rest of the world.


Hmmmm... reading over this, it doesn't seem to reflect the visions in my head... ah, well. I've got to go, so if something else comes to my mind I'll just add it later.


Molly said...

Mouse, I admire very much that you want to dedicate your life to help people. If there were more people like you, the world would be a better place. There are many groups already working with Afghani women, perhaps you could start off by reading about them. One group you could probably help out now is Afghans for Afghans. I'll find you the link. Salaam!
oh, p.s. the afghan language shouldn't be difficult for you, since it's in the same language family as English.

Molly said...

Here it is.

Taysiir said...

Hey Good luck with that, Sounds like a really nice iniatitive, but how many more years will you have to wait to do that? ;)

If you need a travelling partner, am here for ya babe :P

Ps. I really would love to help as well, but lets stick with reality, in 5 years(after completing university courses, starting in a couple of weeks in canada), am really afraid of what this world will change to, the current phase of the war ...

Dunno, but I ain't feeling comfortable at all right now.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were an Arab - how about doing something for your oppressed sisters in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc. instead of Afghans who can take care of themselves once the Americans stop paying the Pakis to foment terror in Afghanistan to cause trouble in Iran!

You forget that Afghanistan was a highly cultured civilization 5000 years ago before it was destroyed by Arab colonialism!